As soon as your baby starts scooting along the furniture in your home and takes his or her first steps, you’ll want to be sure that they can put their best foot forward and learn to stride with confidence. But what if you suspect that your little one may be having difficulty or pain walking, or performing other physical activities? it’s time to see a podiatrist at Shepparton Foot Clinic to rule out any serious conditions affecting their feet. After assessment of your child’s feet and posture you may choose to consider getting kids shoe insoles from Shepparton Foot Clinic to help address common alignment and arch support issues early in life.

There are many potential problems with posture and alignment that can cause issues with the feet and lower limbs in children. For instance, so-called ‘flat feet’ or underdeveloped arches are frequently seen in toddlers and small children. Kids like these may benefit from having insoles placed in their shoes to provide some extra support. When you bring in your kids to get shoe insoles at Shepparton Foot Clinic, we will first assess your child’s alignment as they walk and then advise you if they need insoles. We will then advise what insoles to select or have custom made to protect or correct any potential long term foot health issues.

Shepparton Foot Clinic has been operating in the Goulburn Valley area since 1983. While you may visit us at our clinic at 14 Welsford Street to get your kids shoe insoles in Shepparton, we also offer podiatry services in locations such as Euroa, Numurkah, Tatura and Kyabram. Contact us today to see where you can go to get kids shoe insoles that will help your child move with ease.

Remember, Shepparton Foot Clinic prepare your ‘Feet for life’.