As a teacher you used to be up on your feet all day, but since your diagnosis of diabetes, you have dealt with painful swelling in your ankles and feet. You come home, sit down, and spend an hour waiting for the numbness and tingling to subside. With Diabetes, foot care is particularly crucial because poor circulation and sensation can contribute to chronic foot and leg complications.

Your general practitioner therefore suggested that you consult with a podiatrist at Shepparton Foot Clinic to have your foot health assessed and to see if custom orthotics would help your pain.

Shepparton Foot Clinic have provided comprehensive podiatry to the Goulburn Valley since 1983 with compassion, excellence and the most innovative technology to alleviate a wide variety of foot ailments. We can provide treatment for almost any foot health concern from warts, corns callous and spurs, to foot health assessment and treatment for people with diabetes. We also make custom orthotics and shoe insoles which are focused on improving foot alignment to decrease friction and pressure that can contribute to ongoing foot pain in people with diabetes in the Goulburn Valley.

Set up an appointment with us in the Goulburn Valley area and we’ll connect you with a highly experienced professional podiatrist who understands working with patients with Diabetes. We’ll collaborate with you to assess your current foot and limb health and function and keep a record of your functionality through routine foot assessments for circulation, sensation, skin and joint health and foot alignment. We’ll help you with foot wounds and sores and teach you how to care for your feet and legs through regular checks, exercises and stretches to promote healthy skin, reduce swelling and assist with healthy circulation and sensation. If foot health problems continue to be an issue, we can fit you with custom orthotics designed to keep your foot correctly aligned to promote optimal foot function to decrease foot pain and the occurrence of swelling.

Remember, Shepparton Foot Clinic prepare your ‘Feet for life’.