Mum tried to warn you, but now after wearing thongs year-round your entire life, you are have begun to experience pain in your ankles, knees, and lower back. Suspecting fallen arches, your doctor suggests you get fitted for custom orthotics through Shepparton Foot Clinic. We have been providing podiatry to the Goulburn Valley for more than 30 years and are dedicated to alleviating pain and restoring optimal foot health throughout Shepparton and the surrounding community. Our compassionate and experienced team of licensed podiatrists work with patients young and old attending to their individualised needs using the latest technology and innovative methods. We attend to everything from skin problems such as corns, callouses, warts, to bone abnormalities such as bunions, hammer toes, spurs, and fallen arches in need of custom orthotics. From assessment to maintenance, we pride ourselves on providing comprehensive foot care at reasonable rates.

A fallen arch occurs when muscles, tendons and ligaments attached to the bones holding up the arches of your foot flatten out. This causes strain to these structures which causes pain and makes it harder to run and walk long distances. Without support, this condition progresses and can result in postural pain further up your body into your hips and spinal column. Custom orthotics from Shepparton Foot Clinic are moulded to the foot for the best functional fit. Our Shepparton Foot Clinic offices routinely assess your foot’s biomechanics and functionality for strength, endurance and gait and we can make custom orthotics when necessary to ensure continued, long-lasting, optimal foot comfort and function.

Remember, Shepparton Foot Clinic prepare your ‘Feet for life’.