You spend a lot of time walking around on your feet, so it’s important to make sure you’re taking good care of them. Like any other means of transportation, it’s essential to maintain your feet so that they can always take you from one place to the next without incident. Many people use orthotics to improve both the function and alignment of their feet so that they can keep walking in comfort and convenience. Custom made orthotics are a form of insoles made expressly for this purpose. Arch supports can be purchased either over the counter but custom made orthotics are specifically designed for the individuals who wear them.

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The products you use to help take care of your feet will help make you more mobile, active, and dynamic—all of which are important to your overall health. Learn more about how to purchase orthotics that will be right for you when you contact Shepparton Foot Clinic and speak with one of our highly qualified podiatry professionals.

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