As we get older, the body has ways of reminding us, in a not-so-gentle manner, about our physical limits. For example, you may have started a new workout routine with gusto only to end up wincing the next day with pain in your feet, hip or back. Instead of ignoring these warning signs or avoiding healthy activities and exercise, this pain could indicate a need to adjust issues with the alignment of your feet. Read on to see how getting custom made orthotics from Shepparton Foot Clinic may be able to help.

While it may not seem obvious, alignment problems in the feet can result in far-ranging issues throughout the body, including back, hip and even neck pain. Custom made orthotics are often helpful for improving foot function and are used to relieve postural pain found in the feet, back or hips. They can either be purchased pre-made over the counter or custom designed specifically for your feet.

No matter what kind of orthotic insole you need Shepparton Foot Clinic can work with you to assess the alignment of your feet and advise you on the best treatment options. We make getting custom made orthotics in Shepparton effortless and at a reasonable price for you.

At Shepparton Foot Clinic, we provide general care for nearly all foot problems and complaints. Whether you are looking for orthotics, heel pain treatment or need assessment for diabetic foot health, we give your feet the care they deserve. Contact us today to find out more about how getting custom made orthotics in Shepparton may help relieve your aches and pains.

Remember, Shepparton Foot Clinic prepare your ‘Feet for life’.