Billy is an active ten-year-old football player who has recently gone through a growth spurt. He has recently started coming home from football training complaining of pain in his feet which causes him to walk awkwardly. While you’re worried about long-term damage, he’s focused on the next game. Calm your nerves by making him an appointment at Shepparton Foot Clinic where we have experienced, licensed podiatrists with extensive experience in diagnosing childrens foot problems and in prescribing the most appropriate childrens orthotics. Our team has been serving the Shepparton area for over 30 years with excellent, friendly, and compassionate service aimed at alleviating pain in the feet and lower limbs.

Childrens orthotics are prescribed and made to assist in the correct alignment of foot and leg posture to help improve walking patterns to help reduce pain in bone, muscles, and ligaments. We have already helped countless Shepparton youths to improve their gait to relieve their pain and reduce the long term risk of foot deformity. Left unchecked, poor foot alignment can lead to significant postural stress in our bodies thus making pain harder to combat and potentially leading to chronic foot conditions that require more invasive interventions later in life. We customise childrens orthotics at Shepparton Foot Clinic to your child’s foot. We start with a thorough assessment of their feet and their gait; then we create a plan for optimal correction. We’ll make moulds and take imagery of your child’s feet to develop customised orthotics for our Shepparton patients. As treatment progresses, the orthotic will be adjusted to support the sustained optimal motion. We understand that childrens feet grow quickly, so we’re prepared to reassess progress and check for foot growth to ensure lasting orthotics that will support and sustain their foot health.

Remember, Shepparton Foot Clinic prepare your ‘Feet for life’.