The last two weeks on the field have driven it home that you are not a young star athlete anymore. Not too long ago you strained your heel at the gym. After a week of rest you returned to your football buddies but haven’t been able to enjoy the game due to persistent heel pain. Alternating between throbbing and numbness, you’re not sure what’s going on. It’s time for you to make an appointment with our highly-experienced podiatrists at Shepparton Foot Clinic. Perhaps sports orthotics is all you need to get back in the game. We have been serving the Goulburn Valley since 1983 and have grown to provide regular podiatry services in other locations when need be. We are committed to comprehensive professional-quality service using the safest and most innovative technology to relieve a wide range of foot discomforts. Come into our Shepparton clinic and we’ll assess your original injury, biomechanics and current level of functionality then get you fitted for sports orthotics.

Orthotics help to align the foot in a more stable position to reduce stress on joint, muscle and ligaments during standing and during movement thus alleviating pain. While orthotics can be fitted to most shoes, sports orthotics from Shepparton Foot Clinic are customised to your specific foot dimensions and alignment and are intended to wear during athletic activity. The stabilising support from sports orthotics help to reduce stress on the bones, joints, muscles, and tendons in your feet and lower limbs. Sports orthotics from Shepparton Foot Clinic provide the support you need to move on with your life.

Remember, Shepparton Foot Clinic prepare your ‘Feet for life’.