When your child refused to wear their shoes, you thought it was just an average growth spurt and you got them new shoes. When they still wouldn’t wear shoes and started walking funny, you thought it was a game that would pass on its own. Now the school has called about your child’s unwillingness to keep their shoes on. It’s time to make a childrens podiatry appointment at Shepparton Foot Clinic. Shepparton Foot Clinic have been providing top quality podiatry in the Goulburn Valley since 1983. Our fantastic team of highly experienced and compassionate podiatrists has always provided excellent childrens podiatry to Goulburn Valley residents.

Children are often unable to express their pain but will find creative ways to seek relief. A refusal to wear shoes may be an foot pain issue as simple as plantar warts or an ingrown toenail, but it could also indicate more serious conditions such as joint misalignments and bone, tendon, ligament or joint strain that would benefit from early diagnosis and intervention. While children will grow out of many foot problems, others could have avoided problems in adulthood with childhood intervention. When it comes to childrens podiatry it is imperative to consider and take into account the continuity of growth and normal development of the child. When we work with children in the Goulburn Valley, we routinely assess and reassess the muscles, bones and ligaments to ensure that any treatment and supports used are the correct sizes and fit to promote optimal results. Bring your child in and we’ll help you get to the bottom of the shoe aversion and awkward gait and set a plan that supports long-term foot health improvement without breaking the bank.

Remember, Shepparton Foot Clinic prepare your ‘Feet for life’.